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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, 12oz
Pangeo Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic

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Grown in the rich soil of south-central Ethiopia, in the hills outside the town of Yirgacheffe, some people say that Yirgacheffe coffee is the smoothest they have ever tasted. We go there regularly, to help our villages in the south. The Yirgacheffe soil yields coffee with notes of honey suckle, light citrus and sugar.
Yirgacheffe beans are wet-processed, different from the Harrar dry-process, giving them a medium intensity. Our medium-roasted Organic Yirgacheffe carries a distinct floral aroma and finish, ensuring you will agree with the often-stated claim that Yirgacheffe is one of the premium coffees of Africa.
Just south of Yirgacheffe, our village staff are helping the drought-stricken villages of Tuka, Kakalo and Mudi Ambo.