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Kenyan AA Organic, 12oz.
Pangeo Coffee Kanyan Karatina

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Kenyan AA Coffees fetch a premium because of their world-class taste, and the Karatina area is a rising star in Kenyan AA coffees. Karatina is nestled into the western slope of lush Mt. Kenya, on the way north to the villages we serve on the northern Kenyan plains.
Our Certified Organic Karatina microlot is one of the most amazing coffees we've ever offered (and the reason for the surcharge). The taste is sweet, with bits of grape, currant, berry and custard. The character is bright and very complex, with a silky-smooth finish. Try it, and see if you agree with coffee-lovers who can't stop talking about (and drinking) Kenyan coffees.
Just north of Karatina, our staff are giving ongoing development help to the villages of Gambella, Ola Nagele, Shambani and Bulesa Dima.